Chase Holiday Window Display

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For the 2017 winter holidays, Chase Bank decided to “make more of the season” with eye-catching holiday window displays in NYC and Chicago. Advertising agency Bradley and Montgomery (BaM) conceptualized the engaging window displays and our Production and Set Construction teams brought them to life.

ATOMIC’s Production Team took the concept from BaM and oversaw the development of its interactive elements, the scenic build of the displays, the fabrication of all the custom pieces, the application of window graphics, and the lighting design. The windows, on display at six Chase bank locations, featured interactive, sculptural lighting structures with programmed, custom-built LED tubes.

Our team produced a realistic solution for a high-variable situation, accounting for winter weather, public interaction, limited power sources, venue heating systems, and a very short load-in / load-out window due to the constraints of working within bank hours. The interactive sensors were specially designed to work with the venues’ extra thick glass and anti-graffiti film. The displays were also programmed with remote wireless access, allowing the team to monitor performance, maintenance, and the ability to fix interactive issues off-site.

The Set Construction Team built a heart, two reindeer, and four starbursts out of the custom LED tubes. The displays invited pedestrians to interact with the sculptures by touching the glass, triggering a light show. The goal was to support the Chase brand by encouraging their diverse customer base to “make more of the season.” In addition to the whimsical display, custom Snapchat filters were geo-targeted at each location for an added layer of interaction.

A big thanks to our clients, Chase Bank and Bradley and Montgomery, and partners X Control Solutions, Eidetic, Local 1 and Local 2!