2017 Logo Trailblazer Honors

Video Tiles created the rainbow effect on these Ribbon Frames

The Ribbon Frames stood out in the exquisite Cathedral of Saint John the Divine

This custom Ribbon Drape hung in the Front of House

An up-close look at the stunning, custom built Ribbon Frames

Rainbow colors set the mood at the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine

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Held in the exquisite Cathedral of Saint John the Divine, Logo hosted its fourth annual Trailblazer Honors event to celebrate leaders at the forefront of LGBTQ equality. Simulcast on both VH1 and Logo channels, the one-hour event included honor awards and performances on stage. Built by Team ATOMIC, the unique main stage shined with a rainbow of colors.

Following the rainbow theme, the ATOMIC Set Construction team built six “Ribbon Frames” that created the focal point of the set. The Ribbon Frames included plywood with mirror laminate, LED tape around the perimeters, and video tiles that were affixed to each unit and covered with fabric ribbons. Below the ribbon frames, team ATOMIC partnered with United Staging and Rigging to custom fit decking onto the altar at the cathedral. As honorees stepped onto stage they walked up custom built stairs and stood at custom acrylic award stands, all built by team ATOMIC.  The front of house portion of the cathedral featured satin fabric ribbon drapes that followed the theme of the main stage, as well as additional video tile towers.

Overall, it was a great event with a very visually appealing stage. Special thanks to our client and partners: Art Director Amy Gavin, Designer Julio Himede, United Staging and Rigging and VER.