Road Tech

Lititz, PA

Are you the MacGyver of onsite installation and technical problem solving? Are you basically a human Swiss army knife? Do you have a heaping scoop of a “take charge, can do” attitude, sprinkled with the magical ability to smooth over any situation? Grab your safety helmet and continue reading!

Position Objective

Provide a smooth transition and install of projects and a successful onsite experience for ATOMIC and the customer.

Core Responsibilities

  1. Work with the assigned project team to gain a full scope of each project prior to load out.
  2. Identify tech space needed to properly tech desired elements.
  3. Allocate proper time period in which the tech process should begin and end, this would include the loading of trucks. (Work Back Schedule)
  4. Tech all elements required for a successful on-site experience, calling for adjustments and/or corrections as needed.
  5. Process and pack all custom goods for travel, as required based on Profit Center.
  6. Outline all tools and equipment necessary to accomplish on-site build.
  7. Label and package set pieces and manage the element list in preparation for load out.
  8. Lead labor crews and other onsite vendors to properly load in, install, strike, and load out.
  9. Represent ATOMIC onsite with a high level of client service and professionalism.
  10. Maintain all ATOMIC supplies/road box onsite.
  11. Provide skilled contributions in any department across all ATOMIC Profit Centers.
  12. Contribute to the development of a safety culture.
  13. Travel required, approximately 90/120 days/year. Most domestic but some may be international.

Reporting and Organizational Relationships

Desired Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Desired Traits

Credentials & Experience

Physical Requirements / Work Environment


Hey there. Yes, we’re talking to you…the reader of this job posting! Before you move on, here’s something to think about. Job descriptions can be overwhelming to read and can feel like an exercise to fuel self-doubt. A career is a journey of personal and professional growth and development. This means that most of the time a candidate will NOT meet every single job requirement. Perhaps you’re feeling that in this very moment. Studies show that women and people of color are less likely to apply for a job unless they meet every single job requirement. ATOMIC is committed to being an inclusive team that provides opportunity for all and celebrates the individual! So, if you’re excited about this role, and you’re on the fence…boldly approach the “apply now” button below to learn more!

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