Project Manager – Custom Fabrication/Design

Lititz, PA

Do you find yourself in the middle a lot, in a good way? Keeping everyone informed, on budget, on time? Do you live for not only the finished product but also the deepened relationship as a result of a job well done? Learn more…

Position Objective

Create, build and grow trusting client relationships by establishing ATOMIC as a knowledgeable and empathetic partner, ensuring our brand is maintained, the organization’s sales revenue is achieved, and profit margins are met.  The Project Manager will understand the client needs and wants for ATOMIC, as well as ensure the client has confidence in our ability to serve them to deliver a quality product as promised.

Core Responsibilities

  1. Foster and create client relationships in new and existing business opportunities.
  2. Develop and manage project estimates and budgets including creating a production budget for all projects.
  3. Negotiate client contracts ensuring profit margins are met and expectations are clear and professionally managed.
  4. Partner with the legal team to manage client contracts to ensure fair and equitable terms are agreed.
  5. Facilitate the progress of each project starting with client calls through project completion, with an emphasis on the client relationship, financial success, and clear, collaborative communication both internally and externally. This includes co-leading projects with a team of Project Managers and Designers.
  6. Initiate and manage projects with external partners when a project or element is to be outsourced.
  7. Model and facilitate open communication and collaboration among all ATOMIC team members.
  8. Track, oversee and manage project changes and requests to ensure clear scope is defined and delivered by ATOMIC.
  9. Ensure that client satisfaction is assured in an ongoing manner.
  10. Contribute to the development of a safe and respectful culture.

Organizational Relationships

Desired Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Desired Traits

Desired Credentials and Experience

Physical Requirements

Work Environment


Hey there. Yes, we’re talking to you…the reader of this job posting! Before you move on, here’s something to think about. Job descriptions can be overwhelming to read and can feel like an exercise to fuel self-doubt. A career is a journey of personal and professional growth and development. This means that most of the time a candidate will NOT meet every single job requirement. Perhaps you’re feeling that in this very moment. Studies show that women and people of color are less likely to apply for a job unless they meet every single job requirement. ATOMIC is committed to being an inclusive team that provides opportunity for all and celebrates the individual! So, if you’re excited about this role, and you’re on the fence…boldly approach the “apply now” button below to learn more!

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