Production Manager

New York, NY or Remote

Do you consider yourself a skilled juggler of a multitude of details? Do you enjoy the behind the scenes work necessary towards bringing a client’s vision to fruition?

Position Objective:

Serve as a key member of the Production Services (ProS) team and all ATOMIC productions, managing the details of day-to-day and on-site operations.

Core Responsibilities:

  1. Supports Producer in client management.
  2. Manages all crew communication – leading production calls, sending key production emails and developing key production documents.
  3. Manage both the production and delivery schedule in close conjunction with Staging Supervisor, Technical Manager and Technical Department Heads
  4. Arranges and runs all interdepartmental production calls and works with Producer on managing additional interdepartmental communications as needed.
  5. Primary venue interface
  6. Oversees hiring and management of Production Coordinator, Production Assistants, Dock Coordinator, and other applicable positions.
  7. Manages the acquisition of permits and all related enforcement, including security management on behalf of production or in conjunction with client as required by event.
  8. Key IT liaison between venue, production, clients and applicable departments
  9. Manages additional sub-contractors as required by Producer.
  10. Manages budget related to all the above, reporting to Producer. Works with ATOMIC Production Team to manage payables & vendor subcontractor agreements, insurance, and the like.
  11. Assist in budgeting process and work within budgets over the course of the project.
  12. Assist with hotels, flights, and other crew related travel logistics.
  13. Administrate ProS payroll including set up and management of temporary staff interface with CAPS.
  14. Assist the ProS team with client development, vendor and venue research, database management and other duties, as time allows.

Organizational Relationships:

Desired Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

Desired Traits:

Credentials and Experience:

Physical Requirements:

Work Environment:



Hey there. Yes, we’re talking to you…the reader of this job posting! Before you move on, here’s something to think about. Job descriptions can be overwhelming to read and can feel like an exercise to fuel self-doubt. A career is a journey of personal and professional growth and development. This means that most of the time a candidate will NOT meet every single job requirement. Perhaps you’re feeling that in this very moment. Studies show that women and people of color are less likely to apply for a job unless they meet every single job requirement. ATOMIC is committed to being an inclusive team that provides opportunity for all and celebrates the individual! So, if you’re excited about this role, and you’re on the fence…boldly approach the “apply now” button below to learn more!

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