Production Coordinator

Lititz, PA or Remote

Do you watch (and rewatch) The Wedding Planner, and know you could do a more polished job than JLO? Do you have a bag of problem solving tricks bigger than Mary Poppins’ carpet bag? And do you believe there’s nothing more satisfying than the process of crossing every “t” and dotting each “i”? Learn more…

Position Objective:

Serve as a key member of the Production Services (ProS) team and all ATOMIC productions, managing the details of day to day and on-site operations.

Core Responsibilities:

  1. Create and maintain production documents including but not limited to petty Cash Report, Contact Sheet, Radio Lists, Credential Lists.
  2. Assist in budgeting process and work within budgets over the course of the project.
  3. Oversee Production Assistants (PAs) including time management and assigning tasks in both on-site and in office settings.
  4. Oversee the Production Office including setting up on-site office with furniture and supplies and equipment, managing credential desk, managing or assisting with crew catering/craft services, manage rentals and schedule of runners/vehicles, coordinating usage of street with street team.
  5. Assist with hotels, flights and other crew related travel logistics.
  6. Administrate ProS payroll including set up and management of temporary staff interface with CAPS.
  7. Management of the final Production archive which includes all schedules, invoices, relevant communication, etc.
  8. Assist the ProS team with client development, vendor and venue research, database management and other duties, as time allows.

Organizational Relationships:

Desired Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

Credentials and Experience:

Physical Requirements:

Work Environment:

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