CNC Router Operator

Elizabethtown, PA

Do you like a well-oiled machine and making smooth operational jazz on it? If so, have we got one for you to keep an eye on!

Position Objective

Create CNC parts and pieces based on programmed files and drawings to meet client needs and ATOMIC standards for multiple ATOMIC Profit Centers.

Core Responsibilities

  1. Monitor the CNC machine during operation for quality control and safety.
  2. Label all pieces according to the drawing.
  3. Conduct regularly scheduled maintenance on CNC equipment.
  4. Maintain knowledge of all necessary software and tools needed to perform CNC operations.
  5. Provide skilled contributions in any ATOMIC Profit Center and position as needed.
  6. Contribute to the development of a safety culture.

Organizational Relationships

Desired Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Desired Traits

Credentials & Experience

Physical Requirements

Work Environment

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