Account Manager – Modular Systems

Las Vegas, NV

Some folks just love to sell. It’s in their fiber. It requires creativity, passion, collaboration and relationships. It’s not always moving mountains, but navigating them while mapping the journey ahead with the client. Sound like an adventure for you?

Position Objective

Responsible for increasing the amount of sales flowing through our Modular Systems profit center, ensuring profit margins are met and providing an on-brand client experience from start to finish. Coordinate with Logistics and the Warehouses to ensure shows deliver on time and meet client expectations. This position can be a career pathway to the Modular Systems Senior Account Manager role.

Core Responsibilities

  1. Knowledge of the Modular Systems products, their uses and customizations.
  2. Grow the Modular Systems client base through various sales methods.
  3. Proactively assess, clarify and validate customer needs.
  4. Manage the overall experience of every show with an emphasis on the client relationship and profitability with a solutions-based mindset.
  5. Create client quotes and confirmed orders.
  6. Manage all client communications from initial contact through show day and load out.
  7. Provide show updates to the Operations Team regularly to ensure smooth flow of product reservations and fulfillment.
  8. Coordinate test builds, custom element creation and other show components with various ATOMIC teams.
  9. Oversee requests and changes for various levels of production design with Design Team members.
  10. Contribute to Production Meetings involving your shows.
  11. Provide onsite supervision as required on shows.
  12. Ensure that client satisfaction is assessed in an ongoing manner by establishing a process for follow-up and feedback.
  13. Contribute to the development of a safety and diverse culture.

Organizational Relationships

Desired Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Credentials and Experience

Physical Requirements

Work Environment


Hey there. Yes, we’re talking to you…the reader of this job posting! Before you move on, here’s something to think about. Job descriptions can be overwhelming to read and can feel like an exercise to fuel self-doubt. A career is a journey of personal and professional growth and development. This means that most of the time a candidate will NOT meet every single job requirement. Perhaps you’re feeling that in this very moment. Studies show that women and people of color are less likely to apply for a job unless they meet every single job requirement. ATOMIC is committed to being an inclusive team that provides opportunity for all and celebrates the individual! So, if you’re excited about this role, and you’re on the fence…boldly approach the “apply now” button below to learn more!

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