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  1. Safety #1 Priority

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    As ATOMIC facilities operate and continue doing business during the Pandemic, we’re focused on keeping everyone safe. Please review our new safety protocols and contact us if you have any questions!

    ATOMIC Safety Procedures in Response to COVID19

    ATOMIC is taking precautions and has established mitigation protocols to help keep our employees, partners, and clients safe and to reduce the spread of COVID-19. We’ve established protocols aligned with guidance from Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Department of Health (DOH) for the states in which we operate. 

    Employee Safety and Protocols:

    • Unvaccinated Employees must pass a self-screening survey prior to entering all ATOMIC facilities
    • KN95 Masks or equivalent, approved face covering are always required in ATOMIC facilities
    • Frequent hand washing with hand sanitizer stations available throughout facilities
    • Social distancing measures are in place whenever possible
    • ATOMIC has established formal Return to Work protocols for any employee who does not pass a daily screening or exhibits symptoms during the day

    ATOMIC Facilities:

    • Common areas of our facilities have limited capacity in accordance with social distancing practices and to discourage the spread of COVID-19
    • Employees will disinfect their workstations at the end of their shift
    • Professional cleaning will be conducted every working business day
    • ATOMIC facilities are temporarily closed to all outside visitors unless by appointment. If a visitor or vendor is required to come to our facilities, they will be instructed on ATOMIC’s screening policy

    Shipping and Receiving: 

    • All ATOMIC owned vehicles and equipment will be disinfected before and after each use

    These guidelines were prepared by the ATOMIC COVID-19 safety team and will continue to be monitored and adjusted as needed. Please contact your ATOMIC Account Manager or our Safety Pandemic Officer with any further questions: Dan LaFauci, 717.208.0725 or [email protected].

  2. Inspiration & Design Tools

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    Could SuperWall help you pivot? With new parameters for future events, we’re thinking about SuperWalls in new ways.

    • Studio sets
    • Live streaming
    • Home office
    • Room partitions
    • Room dividers
    • Wayfinding

    The modular walls can be easily assembled with no tools for quick installation and can be designed with custom finishes and branding.

    Download our CAD file library to start designing and creating now.

  3. Nike Showcases Women’s Collection

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    Reporters, editors, influencers, bloggers, athletes, and Nike executives filled the spaces of Spring Studios in New York for an extravagant unveiling of Nike’s 2015 Spring/Summer Women’s collection. The high energy three day event brought female athletes and style front and center in support of their global campaign to elevate their fast-growing women’s segment.

    ATOMIC partnered with Now & Zen Productions to produce a press-worthy event for Nike to introduce their latest innovations in women’s sportswear. From venue selection to event kick-off ATOMIC worked behind the scenes to curate the perfect environment for showcasing Nike’s premium technology and fashion, while fulfilling challenging timeline and budget requirements.

    Working with Nike Brand Design, ATOMIC translated Nike’s creative direction into the reality of a live fashion show, museum exhibit spaces, workout zones, and breakout sessions. The environments included stand-out moments like a flying platform from creative director Thierry Dreyfus, inspired by The High Line, custom-built by TAIT, that descended from the ceiling mid-program to reveal a runway, and a suspended floor to ceiling sculpture from artist Kendal Buster of the Greek goddess Nike. Now & Zen brought incredible talent and entertainment to the space while weaving Nike’s messaging throughout the programming.

    The unique storytelling accomplished Nike’s goal of serving female athletes worldwide with compelling content that continues to be shared both on social media and in the mainstream press. The event and press coverage have already made an impact on Nike’s main objective, driving sales of the Women’s collection.

  4. Blast From The Past: Rage Cage

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    If you’ve stopped by ATOMIC HQ in Lititz you may have passed our signature “rage cage” at the front door. It’s a fun way to mark our entrance on Wynfield Drive, but it also has a secret rock n’ roll back story.

    The structure was built for the 2000 MTV Video Music Awards. It supported LED signs and tv screens, backing the presenters on stage. It was a centerpiece to the stage, but become the centerpiece of the whole show when it landed smack in the middle of controversy.

    Rage Against the Machine was up for Best Rock Video, but when Limp Bizkit won, Rage bassist Tom Commerford flipped out, ran on stage, and climbed right up the cage thus inspiring the term “RAGE CAGE.” While designer Tom McPhillips and crew stood by biting their nails as the cage rattled from side to side security stepped in and pulled Commerford down. Fortunately the wires, lights and hanging elements survived the attack and no one was hurt but Commerford was escorted out and arrested. The set piece was returned to Lititz and we just couldn’t resist holding on to it instead of sending it off to be recycled or used on another show. Now we’re greeted by this official piece of ATOMIC history every day.

  5. Celebrating With KISS

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    Another stop on our 20 year celebration tour! Heading to 1995, when ATOMIC was a year old, and KISS was getting the band back together…

    KISS is celebrating both their 40th year of performing, and their recent induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. We were fortunate to be involved in one of the most iconic moments of their history when the original members reunited on stage for MTV Unplugged. Designed, built, and painted by the ATOMIC team, the set was a fusion between KISS’ bold look, and the subdued Unplugged vibe. Check out the video of the reunion above!