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  1. Introducing Poppies

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    We’re breaking away from squares and introducing our brand-new circular panels: Poppies! Poppies are circular rings with fabric skins that can be hung or ground supported. With multiple fabric options, you can use them in many different lighting and venue situations. Get the details here.

    The highly anticipated Poppies are hitting the shelves next month, be sure to call today to preorder your design!

    Hang Poppies in a linear arrangement for a clean look.
    Use our solid white fabric skins to create the perfect lighting or mapping surface.
    Add design appeal by organically clustering Poppies.
    Our ground supported Polestar system makes onsite art direction possible.
    Include branding on Poppies with our custom graphics package.
    Include custom branding as a wayfinding option at your next event.
    Go premium with our upholstered fabric options to dress a lounge or lobby space.
    No matter how you use them, these sleek Poppies are sure to impress!
  2. Custom Panels

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    The ATOMIC Rental Catalog features unique ready-to-ship SuperLever panels, but did you know that we can also work with you to create custom panels that you can easily snap into backdrops, SuperColumns or SuperWalls with our patented SuperLever technology? It’s totally true. From custom CNC cut panels to LED lit panels, our in-house graphics team can work with your vision and create awesome branded surfaces for your next event. Here’s a look at the many custom options available to you.


    The options are endless with our 2D vinyl applications. Send over brand packages and our graphics team will work to color match and apply your branding on our already existing panels. Check out more here.


    We have an awesome design team and two CNC machines to hook you up with impressive 3D cutouts that integrate seamlessly into our existing panels. Grab more details here.


    Expanding on our custom vinyl option, the custom Glo panels start with a Frosty panel as a blank canvas followed by applied vinyl (and some other cool techniques) to create this unique, backlit glowing look. Get more info here!

    Brite Box

    Individual LED accessory panels take the reins on this approach. Pop these units behind our Glo panels to add more color options in your design. Learn more here!

    Premium Finishes

    Take any of our already awesome SuperLever panels and add exquisite, premium finishes to dress up your look. With high end finishes including woodgrain, marble, metal, textiles, or solid colors, the options are truly endless. Get more visuals here.

  3. Sarah Shirk Wins Technology in Art and Design Award

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    ATOMIC is happy to announce that our Soft Goods Research and Development Lead, Sarah Shirk, was awarded the first ever Technology in Art and Design Award at the 3rd Annual Women in Technology Awards. This local awards celebration includes nine categories that recognize women in technology who have had an impact in the Pennsylvania region. Presented by the Technology Council of Pennsylvania, the ceremony was held at the Spring Gate Winery in Harrisburg, PA.

    Sarah has worked with ATOMIC for 16 years, developing easy-to-use, modular soft goods that have helped simplify the events industry. By cleverly borrowing closures and attachment methods from other technologies, her work has helped make tedious installations a thing of the past. ATOMIC’s modular soft goods “pack small and play big,” which is a challenge Sarah solves with a unique use of technology. Prototyping in this area requires a hybrid approach of old and new technologies such as heavy grommeting and surging machines, 3D printers, hot knives, computer-generated renderings and of course, her trusty industrial sewing machine. Sarah’s work exemplifies an approach to technology that will become increasingly important as we enter an era of mixed technologies. She relies on the tools and construction methods that work, and at the same time seeks out new ways of solving the problems of the live event industry.

    To check out some of Sarah’s skilled work, head to our rental catalog and browse through our assortment of dimensional soft goods!

  4. Lyam’s Wish

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    Meet Lyam, one awesome kid who got his wish to see WrestleMania 34 thanks to WWE! We are excited to support the mission of Make-A-Wish in our community by supporting wishes just like Lyam’s!

    “I get asked multiple times a week about my favorite wish story. Since meeting Lyam and the gang from ATOMIC, my answer has been ‘Lyam’s wish to go to Wrestlemania!’ It was the perfect  combination of an amazing kid and an extraordinary company giving not just a financial gift, but their creativity, heart and soul. I loved every minute of it,” Ben Lee, Regional Director, Make-A-Wish Susquehanna Valley

    Thanks to everyone involved in giving Lyam a sneak peek of the WrestleMania sign here at ATOMIC prior to going down to WrestleMania 34 in New Orleans!


  5. Prolight + Sound 2018

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    ProLight and Sound was a whirl-wind week filled with meeting new people, chatting with friends and walking the inspiring trade show floor! Here are highlights of ATOMIC’s footprint throughout the event.

    Trade Show Booth

    Did you know? Our partners at Gahren’s + Batterman just extended their ATOMIC Rental Solutions’ product inventory? They now offer SuperShapes, Stagger SuperColumns, FASTwalls and many new SuperLever panels! At Prolight + Sound, they utilized their new Yetiflake panels to create these Stagger SuperColumns in this booth space.


    The Silent Stage

    The Silent Stage was a cutting edge live concert intended for audio engineers. About ten audio engineers at a time had the ability to mix the same performing band straight into head phones, so they could each hear their own individual mix.

    ATOMIC’s popular SuperShape and SuperWalls dressed the stage utilizing Comb and Razor panels.

    Business Lounge

    The Business Lounge offered small lounge spaces, with ATOMIC SuperWalls creating freestanding divider walls.

    Clair Brothers Booth

    Our Rock Lititz community friends, Clair Brothers, utilized ATOMIC Rental Solutions’ StretchSet Udon panels to create this stunning look.

    See something you love? Let’s chat! 

  6. ATOMICon 2018

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    Continuous learning takes a front seat at ATOMIC which is why we dedicate a day every year, dubbed “ATOMICon,” to bringing our team together to discuss, share and engage on important topics. Bringing the team together from all offices, we spend a day together learning and having fun.

    The activities throughout the day included creative exercises lead by award winning artist Loryn Spangler-Jones, and a group puzzle challenge testing communication skills.

    We also got a glimpse into every capability and office location’s workflow, accomplishments and ambitions. Our zany, talented team came up with some unique ways to share this information including a game of jeopardy, a t-shirt launcher and a movie filmed entirely on an iphone with some fancy special effects.

    Overall, ATOMICon 2018 proved to be another stellar day, with the added perk of having everyone in one location for an entire day!

    Does this sound like fun? Think you might fit in with our team? Check out our open positions to see if there is a career fit for you!