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“There is a special kind of magic that lives in creating shared moments in time and putting those moments together for people has never grown old. The hours are crazy and travel is a must, but knowing that we are creating new experiences for those around us always makes it worth it.” – Nick Rivero of MEPTIK for Medium

We wish we were creating experiences for audiences – but at this moment, ATOMIC, like the rest of the live entertainment community, is pausing and charging ahead and innovating and learning ALL at the same time.   While we’re navigating these uncharted waters with the rest of our colleagues, clients and vendors – we wanted to share with you some of the things that have been teaching us, inspiring us, entertaining us and motivating us:

  1. Stars in the House – A daily live-streamed show featuring members of the performing arts community for a rolling fundraiser for The Actor’s Fund
  2. Good Good Good – Good news from around the world shown in soothing infographics
  3. The Art of Fun – Award-winning and best-selling children’s book illustrator Christian Robinson shares illustrations and lesson for kids of all ages
  4. Frame:work – organized by friends of ATOMIC, Frame:work is a new community for the video and content producers, programmers and creators we know and love
  5. The Vendry – Throughout the pandemic, The Vendry has been consistently gathering information for and about the events community as an awesome online mutual aid society
  6. Let’s Talk about Bias – led by Procter & Gamble (a stand-out team we’ve had the pleasure of working with) and Buzzfeed – this social experiment encourages conversations about bias – and is worth the watch – and will hopefully inspire conversations everywhere
  7. VidCon Now 2020 – this once massive in-person convention has changed course and created an expansive on-line and several week-long programs – there’s lots to see and learn
  8. Tour 101 – This site has been hosting great panels and discussion – and a tremendous resource for anyone in the touring industry.   Their panel on Diversity in Touring was great

What’s been on your must-see list every day? Let us know!

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