Modular Partitions and Room Dividers

Temporary room divider with clear branded messaging

Modular partitions for waiting rooms

SuperWalls provide temporary privacy at the airport

Modular partitions for retail spaces

Separate your waiting room with a modular wall

Create easy take out partitions in your restaurant

Partition off your restaurant seating with modular walls

SuperWalls are room dividers in the office waiting room

Separate your waiting room with a modular wall

Create temporary rooms and screening areas with SuperWalls

Create room partitions with modular free-standing SuperWalls

Modular walls create partitions for this waiting room

Build temporary rooms and stalls

FASTwall provides room division

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Looking for temporary structures? SuperWalls are free-standing, temporary structures that can serve as:

  • Room Partitions
  • Room Dividers
  • Way finding
  • Stalls/screening rooms

Our team can create floor plans and spatial layouts to modify an existing office, retail space or waiting room to create private areas and semi-permeant partitions. The modular walls can be easily assembled by one person with no tools for quick installation and can be designed with custom finishes and branding.

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