Introducing Poppies

We’re breaking away from squares and introducing our brand-new circular panels: Poppies! Poppies are circular rings with fabric skins that can be hung or ground supported. With multiple fabric options, you can use them in many different lighting and venue situations. Get the details here.

The highly anticipated Poppies are hitting the shelves next month, be sure to call today to preorder your design!

Hang Poppies in a linear arrangement for a clean look.
Use our solid white fabric skins to create the perfect lighting or mapping surface.
Add design appeal by organically clustering Poppies.
Our ground supported Polestar system makes onsite art direction possible.
Include branding on Poppies with our custom graphics package.
Include custom branding as a wayfinding option at your next event.
Go premium with our upholstered fabric options to dress a lounge or lobby space.
No matter how you use them, these sleek Poppies are sure to impress!
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