Rental Solutions NOW Modular Systems

Team ATOMIC is pleased to announce that our Rental Solutions division is now named Modular Systems. This name change reflects the growth and expansion of ATOMIC’s arsenal of modular product offerings.

Like all divisions at ATOMIC, Rental Solutions has long been a division built on the principles of continual improvement, clever design, high levels of professionalism, maintaining market relevance, and chasing opportunities and dreams. ATOMIC has been designing modular systems from the very beginning – more than a decade ago. The tag lines “packs small, plays BIG” and “no tools required” still ring true today with all of our innovative and patented product lines, now living under the Modular Systems division.

ATOMIC’s  patented modular products can be modified and customized for semi-permanent or permanent installations, not just short-term rentals. ATOMIC’s R&D department is working on a pipeline of new modular systems that will continue to improve the live events industry as well as other markets including trade shows, retail and hospitality.

“The name Rental Solutions has served us well, but it’s long been a named used to describe “how” we transact rather than what “what” we do. It’s great to see the maturation of our products and product development, along with our ability to identify opportunities and remain nimble to market needs. It’s very much at the root of our name change,” says Rob Barber, Vice President of the Modular Systems and R&D divisions.

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