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Photo Credit: Craig Barritt/Getty Images for Shorty Awards

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The ATOMIC Rental Catalog features unique ready-to-ship SuperLever panels, but did you know that we can also work with you to create custom panels that you can easily snap into backdrops, SuperColumns or SuperWalls with our patented SuperLever technology? It’s totally true. From custom CNC cut panels to LED lit panels, our in-house graphics team can work with your vision and create awesome branded surfaces for your next event. Here’s a look at the many custom options available to you.


The options are endless with our 2D vinyl applications. Send over brand packages and our graphics team will work to color match and apply your branding on our already existing panels. Check out more here.


We have an awesome design team and two CNC machines to hook you up with impressive 3D cutouts that integrate seamlessly into our existing panels. Grab more details here.


Expanding on our custom vinyl option, the custom Glo panels start with a Frosty panel as a blank canvas followed by applied vinyl (and some other cool techniques) to create this unique, backlit glowing look. Get more info here!

Brite Box

Individual LED accessory panels take the reins on this approach. Pop these units behind our Glo panels to add more color options in your design. Learn more here!

Premium Finishes

Take any of our already awesome SuperLever panels and add exquisite, premium finishes to dress up your look. With high end finishes including woodgrain, marble, metal, textiles, or solid colors, the options are truly endless. Get more visuals here.

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