Enhancing R&D

ATOMIC's R&D team having fun with their prototype t-shirt canon

Rob Barber sharing future rental solutions goals with Team ATOMIC

Joe, Nick and Sarah - R&D all-stars

Rob Barber now leads both Rental Solutions and R&D departments at ATOMIC

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What do you get when you combine an engineer, an industrial designer, an experimental seamstress and a new executive leader? The ATOMIC Research and Development department now lead by Rob Barber, Vice President of Rental Solutions + R&D. Over the last 18 months ATOMIC has invested in building a research and development department by hiring highly skilled individuals and investing in state-of-the-art tools to fuel the growth of the entire company.

With Rob Barber’s expanded responsibility leading the R&D team, ATOMIC is looking to create a seamless process through R&D to product launch. The team already has dozens of projects in the queue and looks forward to launching new modular systems in the coming months. Stay tuned for new product announcements here!

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