ATOMIC Introduces Interactive

The innovators in ATOMIC’s laboratory are cooking up the next big thing – an interactive product line! Looking for a guest-experience that’s an interactive mind-meld where pictures come to life with the press of a hand? Meet xPRESS!

Already have your content ready to project and need a sweet screen? Try xPRO, a projection solution built to perfectly integrate into your favorite SuperWall.

With xPRESS, explore hundreds of pieces of content by touching and pushing the fabric screen with rear-projection, interactive technology.

You can choose multiple effects and transitions to create numerous looks for your branded content using xPRESS.

Have your own content but love the look of the screen surrounded by a SuperWall? xPRO is what you want.

xPRO will allow you to rear or front project as well as uplight the SuperWall to display your content with pizazz.

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