Prolight + Sound 2018

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ProLight and Sound was a whirl-wind week filled with meeting new people, chatting with friends and walking the inspiring trade show floor! Here are highlights of ATOMIC’s footprint throughout the event.

Trade Show Booth

Did you know? Our partners at Gahren’s + Batterman just extended their ATOMIC Rental Solutions’ product inventory? They now offer SuperShapes, Stagger SuperColumns, FASTwalls and many new SuperLever panels! At Prolight + Sound, they utilized their new Yetiflake panels to create these Stagger SuperColumns in this booth space.


The Silent Stage

The Silent Stage was a cutting edge live concert intended for audio engineers. About ten audio engineers at a time had the ability to mix the same performing band straight into head phones, so they could each hear their own individual mix.

ATOMIC’s popular SuperShape and SuperWalls dressed the stage utilizing Comb and Razor panels.

Business Lounge

The Business Lounge offered small lounge spaces, with ATOMIC SuperWalls creating freestanding divider walls.

Clair Brothers Booth

Our Rock Lititz community friends, Clair Brothers, utilized ATOMIC Rental Solutions’ StretchSet Udon panels to create this stunning look.

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