ATOMICon 2018

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Continuous learning takes a front seat at ATOMIC which is why we dedicate a day every year, dubbed “ATOMICon,” to bringing our team together to discuss, share and engage on important topics. Bringing the team together from all offices, we spend a day together learning and having fun.

The activities throughout the day included creative exercises lead by award winning artist Loryn Spangler-Jones, and a group puzzle challenge testing communication skills.

We also got a glimpse into every capability and office location’s workflow, accomplishments and ambitions. Our zany, talented team came up with some unique ways to share this information including a game of jeopardy, a t-shirt launcher and a movie filmed entirely on an iphone with some fancy special effects.

Overall, ATOMICon 2018 proved to be another stellar day, with the added perk of having everyone in one location for an entire day!

Does this sound like fun? Think you might fit in with our team? Check out our open positions to see if there is a career fit for you!

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