Accessorize with SuperLever

ATOMIC’s endless combinations continue with a variety of new SuperLever Accessories; think “shelves and tables and TV’s, oh my!”

Here’s a look at what we’ve been cookin’ up in the ATOMIC lab:



Shelves add a quick and easy solution to adding handouts and business cards to your trade show booth or entry.

Use custom shelves to create inset retail displays.



Custom Table Tops are available in multiple colors and add a great clean look to any SuperWall.


Tabletops are built with technology to easily top off your favorite FASTwall or SuperWall to create stunning coffee tables or lounge tables like this.


Use custom tabletops to top off your favorite SuperWall. It worked great in this registration desk setup.



TV mounts not only pack small (into a road case!) but also play BIG infused in your booth design.

Add an eye-catching TV to your next lounge space with our custom TV stands.


Custom wood grain texture on SuperLever panels adds flair to this entryway.

Spice up your space with custom textures on SuperLever panels including finishes like wood grain, marble, stone and the list goes on!

Mix up some accessories with any of the SuperLever family and pop them into any SuperWall or SuperColumn to create the very best set up for your event!

Visit ATOMIC at Booth 1401 at The Special Event!

Did any lightbulbs go off? Are you feeling inspired to accessorize?¬†Contact us today and let’s talk about the various accessory options.

Heading to TSE? Be sure to swing by our booth and check out these accessories in action!

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