ATOMIC makes a Splash at the Bash!

ATOMIC loves supporting local events and fundraisers, and it was apparent at this year’s Cosmic Bash event as our Design, Set Construction, and Rental Solutions teams transformed Spooky Nook Sports into an underwater adventure.

The ATOMIC Design team was there from the start designing the underwater oasis by incorporating already existing Rental Solutions’ products and combining them with custom scenic elements.

The SuperZipper family made a huge impression in the undersea adventure, with mixed textures and cool lighting creating the feeling that you were swimming through a coral reef.

Included in the designs were multiple wave structures, built with custom aluminum framing and custom draped soft goods.

On the stage, custom vinyl graphics made a splash on some sleek surf boards.

The event included a seated dinner where guests sat around tables neatly set with beautiful custom coral centerpieces.

Did you catch that gorgeous jellyfish chandelier? That custom piece included fabrics and textures from our various rental products, all combined and draped in a way that created the feeling that a giant jellyfish dove right out of the deep Pacific Ocean and straight into Spooky Nook Sports.

Overall, team ATOMIC had a blast being a part of the underwater festivities and is looking forward to our next themed event!

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