Anatomy of an Event Part 4: Rental Solutions

ATOMIC has a diverse client base ranging from rock n roll legends to Emmy-Award winning designers to corporate event planners. Events take on all different shapes and sizes but all follow the same path, starting with Production Services, moving on to Design, then actualized through custom Set Construction or Rental Solutions.

Over the past three years, ATOMIC has designed a large, multi-city corporate training event for a corporate client. The event planner came to us for help beautifying hotel ballroom and promenade spaces. He needed easy setup, a modular set, and pieces that could easily change on the fly and throughout each day of the training conference. ATOMIC Rental Solutions’ SuperLever and SuperZipper product lines were the perfect solution.

The grand SuperArch entryway and event design all starts with a rendering.

Frosty SuperLever panels created the impressive SuperArch onsite.

SuperColumns with custom branding served as directional signage throughout each hotel and the signage was easily swapped out through the day. An impressive SuperArch provided a grand entryway to the lounge areas, education rooms and general session theater space.

A combination of SuperZipper soft goods enclose this lounge area.

The traveling event made stops in Houston, Orlando and San Diego. The modular set was easily adapted to fit in each unique space. Whether it’s a traveling corporate event, a country music tour or a gala event, modular rental solutions can finish off the show ready look!

New Rise SuperZipper soft goods create an inviting atmosphere.

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