Art Nouveau Arrives at ATOMIC

Ada SuperLever backdrop and SuperColumns

Lola SuperLever screen surround and backdrop

Lola SuperWalls

Violet SuperColumns and backdrop

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With white gloves, parasols, flower crowns (the original ones) and flowing hair, we meet three goddess-like gals.  Say hello to the sassy, classy and demure Ada, Lola and Violet, all art nouveau inspired designs that join ATOMIC’s already-artistic SuperLever bunch. These three know a thing or two about adding beauty to a space, the proverbial wall flower at any gala, party, award show or event. 

ATOMIC’s Design and Rental Solutions team have not only created this beautiful Art Nouveau line of SuperLever panels, they have assembled turnkey designs or shall we say “recipes for success.” If you need scenic decor and a design for your next event, we’ve got you covered. 

The Art Nouveau dames are lookin’ keen and will make your next event duck soup (yeah, go ahead and Google it.)

Meet the ladies here.

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