Summer Lineup #3: FASTwall

Arcade FASTwall

Watch FASTwall in action

Knot FASTwall at the 2015 Electric Forest Festival

Jolt FASTwall

Knot FASTwall at the 2015 Electric Forest Festival

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The fountain of youth, black holes, Celtic knots, the Great Gazoo.  Some things just seem downright unexplainable, but yet they’re so right.  Headlining our Summer Lineup Series is a brand-spanking-new ground supported product line: FASTwall. Upon first glance at FASTwall, you’ll think “what, the what!?” Just wait and see, this latest innovation is rising to new heights.

Team ATOMIC is at it again, seriously!  FASTwall is the ground-supported, no tools required, assembly of inter-locking pieces that set the stage for your next gig. Visual learners? Watch this animation of FASTwall assembling. Like written instructions? Check out the install specs here.

Of course our product line wouldn’t be complete without the actual panels to create FASTwall. Meet Knot, Arcade and Jolt.

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