Summer Lineup #1: Hive, Xplode, Edjo

Hive SuperColumns and SuperWall (with a screen surround) create a sleek corporate vibe

Xplode SuperColumns and Cubes looking fine

Edjo Cubes accenting a lobby

Xplode comes alive with lighting

Edjo SuperWalls create visually appealing room dividers

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We’re gearin’ up for summer and super pumped to announce our new product lineup. Joining the 3D Modular SuperLever family, the set list includes Hive, Xplode and Edjo! Hive kicks off the summer with sweet notes and a hexagonal-inspiration. Followed by Xplode, a reinvented Pyramid panel that will ignite any summer night. Wrapping up the first set is Edjo, aka the Eye of Horus from Egyptian mythology. Intrigued? Oh yeah….click through to each product page for more details.

Did we say “first set”? Yes. Look for the second and third sets of our Summer Lineup Series coming on June 11 and July 1. Check that inbox, follow us on Facebook and Instagram…you know the drill.

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