Opening Up Design Possibilities with SuperLever

The new C5 SuperLever opens up design options for SuperLever panels

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In the midst of ATOMIC’s Rental Warehouse, you’ll find a team working furiously on R&D, prototyping and designing the newest and best products for our clients (check out our rental product journey here). Our team is made up of kids-at-heart employees, always playing around and discovering new things (it’s like playing with Legos – professionally!). Based on our patented SuperLever connector, the newest connector materialized as our designers looked for new configurations to create with SuperLever panels.

This brand new connector literally “opens up” new possibilities for screen surrounds and custom-sized windows within the SuperWall. The connector also allows you to create negative space in a SuperWall. It adds new geometric options to the SuperColumn that weren’t possible before, like arches or cubes. Just think about  creating all sorts of Tetris shapes made out of SuperLever panels; these connectors let your imagination soar. Just pick up some Blubby, Buckle, Chadz, Clover, Comb, Pippa, or Xscape panels and start exploring our new design options.

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