Crayons, Paint Cans and Post-Its! Oh my!

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It’s not every day that David Stark asks you to build a 20-foot high pyramid out of crayons. But he did, and we jumped at the chance to play with the unique materials! We featured pictures of the 2012 Art in the Embassies 50th Anniversary Celebration here. However, if you take a close-up look at the photos above, you get a glimpse of the fun, creative art installations we built from David Stark’s incredible designs. The event included the 20-foot tall pyramid created with Crayola Crayons, a 16-foot diameter birthday cake formed out of Benjamin Moore paint cans and a 20-foot viewing platform covered in thousands of Post-it Note pads. We absolutely love taking every day objects and creating art installations or taking a napkin sketch and seeing it through the entire process of design, renderings, building and installation. That’s what we do.

Photographs courtesy of Heidi Ehalt, AIE and David Stark Design.


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