Rental Product Journey

Buckle SuperWall and Comb SuperColumns

Clover SuperWall and SuperColumns

The Dogbone connector for the SuperWall was prototyped using our 3D printer

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What do you get when you cross an ATOMIC Designer with an ATOMIC Rental Solutions Account Manager? A kick-ass team, that’s what. We boast a group of creative professionals on our Design team, who work hand-in-hand with our Rental Solutions team to make each rental product the best it can be. While the designers generate ideas and prototype and tweak, the Rental Solutions team steps in to ask the questions for our clients: is the product easy to install? Is it versatile? Is it lightweight and easy to ship and unpack? What’s the fire rating? Does it light well? The list goes on…

Our inspiration comes in all shapes and sizes and is found in nature, architecture, fashion, events, our clients, and our surroundings. Then the designers extraordinaire create renderings and start researching and prototyping options with our 3D printers and a toolbox full of nuts, bolts, clips, and magnets. From there the ideas stick, and head into the final stages of production. If the product can pass that “checklist of reality” – we have a winner!

Some products take only a few months to produce like SuperWall. Designer Taylor created a rendering of two walls of Fizz panels hung from both sides of a truss. Designer Charlie chimed in with “What about adding some spacers and making it ground supported?” After just a few months of product development and testing using our existing, patent-pending, SuperLever technology, the SuperWall was born.

Some products take a much longer journey, years even, to get to the perfect solution, like the universal connector system we built for SuperLever. Other times ideas percolate in somewhat of a Product Zombie Land, they never die, they just sort of stick around waiting for their time to come to life again. We’re getting ready to launch a product that’s been two years on and off the table and now it’s gearing up to knock your socks off.

At any given moment, you can walk into the Rental Solutions or Design offices and find piles of working prototypes. We tinker and tweak until they’re just right. Stay tuned for new products in the coming months…whether its soft goods, SuperLever or LEDs…we’ve got some big things in the works.

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