The Chair Challenge

Chairs designed by Brendan and Autumn

Chairs designed by Kate and Trevor

Brendan's CNC chair design

Kate drafting her CNC chair

Kate's CNC plan for the Chair Challenge

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At ATOMIC we like a challenge. We encourage professional and personal development. We thrive on learning, designing, creating and building. Last winter Project Management Director Conway challenged his team to learn more about the new CNC technology and materials used in our Scenic shop. The Assistant Project Management team (at the time): Autumn, Brendan, Kate and Trevor were tasked with designing a chair out of one sheet of material, cut on the CNC machine, with minimal fasteners and no hardware. Each individual researched different design methods, adapting their plans along the way to improve functionality and tolerance. This team activity not only showcased our APM’s talents but proved a valuable professional development activity. Take a look above at the finished chairs from Autumn, Brendan, Kate and Trevor!

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