Game Changing Week in Rental

SuperWall with Tube and Chiclet panels

Click play to view Atomic reinventing the wall!

Hozier performs on The Ellen Show in front of Chadz

Fizz and Chiclet panels form a SuperWall

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You know ATOMIC’s SuperLever product line. You know those interchangeable panels can form backdrops and columns. Up until now, just like any other rental drape out there, we were constricted and constrained by trusses or pipe and base. This week we not only announced three new SuperLever panels: Fizz, Chadz and Tube, we launched a freestanding, 100% ground supported backdrop system: the SuperWall. Take a look at the video about SuperWall (click the play button above) and some shots of our new products and call the Rental Solutions┬áTeam┬átoday to talk about what SuperWall can do for your next design!


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